Choosing the Best Wollongong Dentist

Addressing your dental needs is always something you want to stay on top of over the years. For some, this just means routine cleanings, x-rays and the occasional cavity being filled. But for many others, dental visits are more complex requiring major fixes or reconstruction. Even those with relatively good dental hygiene may need a root canal or dental implant as time goes by. So it is best to find a dentist in Wollongong that can handle every problem that may arise. There are quite a few dentists in the area, so after narrowing your choices down by those that accept your insurance, it is a good idea to look further into your particular needs.

Dental medicine has come a long way in just a few decades. Not only is the trip to the dentist not as painful as it once was due to revamped tools and techniques, there are also a number of new approaches available to patients in a variety of situations. (more…)

Give Me a Head with Hair

Everyone gets to the age where they start to lose hair, but some people get there faster than others. I was the first among my group of friends to start losing mine. When men start losing their hair, they sometimes shave it all off and go on about their way. Unfortunately, I’m a woman and can’t really do something like that. Not to knock any woman that wants to wear the bald look, but it’s not for me. My best option to get my hair back and prevent any more loss was to take a Folliform DHT Blocker.

If the blocker didn’t work, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about my hair loss. I’ve seen various treatments for people who are losing their hair, but they’re so expensive. At best, I would have only been able to pay for a few hairs to be restored on my head using one of those treatments, which would have looked pretty silly when the rest of the hair would have been going away. If I started wearing a wig, I would have to worry about people telling if it was there, and the discomfort that comes with wearing one

I took the blocker and hoped for the best. As time passed, more and more of my hair began to grow back. It was like a miracle. I was able to have a full head of hair again, and I did it for a fraction of the cost of those expensive treatments. I solved that problem, but I was faced with another one. While I was combing my hair, I found a silver hair. I’m no stranger to using hair dye, but using it to cover one hair seemed like a waste of time to me. I just left the hair alone.

Benefits To Look For In Pre Workout Supplements

Many bodybuilders and sports buffs have tried a variety of nutritional supplements to help them achieve the ripped body they’ve always dreamed of. There is no specific brand of supplement that works for everyone, so the advice these guys usually get from their trainers is to try what is best and what works for their particular workout regimens.

While there is a long list of supplements specifically for fitness buffs, among the most sought-after are pre workout nutritionals. These supplements are popular especially to those who love doing hardcore workouts and long hours in the gyms. But for newbies who do not understand the important of pre workout and supplements made especially for such activities, it is essential that you know what these nutritionals can do to help you.

Many newbies in the gym go straight for nutritional products that will make them ripped. There’s nothing wrong with aiming for the specific nutritional product if you have an objective already set. But not taking other nutritionals to boost your inner core and energy would be like striking a hard wall unprepared. (more…)

Motivation to Lose Weight: How You Can Lose Weight

The motivation to lose weight can be very hard to find, particularly when you’ve often tried and failed before. Or when you’ve tried, done it… and then put it all back on again.

Comes a point when you just give up, accept that you are the weight and size you are and you’re stuck with it.

But the truth is that this is the best time to understand why it is that you can’t lose weight – or keep it off when you have.

In this article, we’re going to look at several things that affect your weight and are totally out of your control. These include:


After we’ve looked at the above, we’ll look at how to prepare your body to find the motivation to lose weight.

Hormones and weight loss
When you say “it’s my hormones”, people smile and give you knowing looks. But your hormones have a huge effect on your motivation, metabolism and mood.

If you’re under long term stress at work or at home, your body releases a type of adrenalin called cortisol, a hormone that affects their body shape.

And the problem is abdominal fat tends to stick around even if the original stress has passed. Why? Because by that time, your stress is about your body shape, but your hormones can’t tell the difference between the original stress and the stress about weight gain, so it just keeps pumping out the cortisol.

A study of 6,700 nurses published in the International Journal of Obesity by Overgaard et al (2004) indicated that stress and its accompanying hormone changes – due to workload in the case of those nurses – is a major contributor to weight gain, particularly around the abdomen.

It really is your hormones.

Anxiety and weight loss
Anxiety, a close relative of stress, also affects hormones.

Stress and anxiety tend to go together and as a result your body shape changes over time. The more anxious you are, the more it affects your hormones.

Weirdly anxiety can also result in weight loss. Ever heard the expression “she lives on her nerves” about a very thin woman? That’s the anxiety – and that’s not healthy either.

Medication and weight loss
Sometimes it feels like you just can’t win.

Many people do not understand that when you say “my medication makes me fat”, you are telling the unvarnished truth.

But when you have a life threatening condition like diabetes, auto inflammatory disease or epilepsy, it’s important that you keep taking the medication to keep you alive.

Anti depressants, birth control pills and antibiotics are also necessary for your health in certain circumstances

Unfortunately, that same medication makes you really hungry. All the time.

The reason farmers fill their animals with antibiotics? It makes them gain weight. It also makes you gain weight.

And there’s nothing like having a baby to make you gain weight.

Metabolism and weight loss
Some are born with a slow metabolism.

Some have slow metabolism thrust upon them.

Some people just have slower metabolisms than others. They are born that way. Which means that the “average” calorie intake for an adult tends to put weight on them.

Alternatively, those who originally had average metabolisms and gained weight, lost it, gained it back again (and more) – known as yoyo dieting – tend to develop slower metabolisms through dieting.

A recent study from the National Institutes of Health on contestants from The Biggest Loser indicated that those who lose a lot of weight are more likely to gain most of it back and can even put on more weight than before they lost it.

Their bodies went into famine mode and never came out again.

What’s the answer? How to lose weight
The answer lies in preparing your body through addressing your stress, balancing your gut and letting your body know that this is not a famine.

Stress can be reduced through gentle movement or stretching like yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gung. Meditation can also help.

You can begin to balance your gut through adding a probiotic to your diet. My favourite is Bio Kult, but there are other brands. Make sure you choose one with many strains, rather than just one.

Living food can also help: bio active yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir are some examples of living food.

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